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Window Sill Cushioned Seats For Relaxation

Most people have not given much thought to their windows other than to see it as an opening that provides ventilation in the house. However, with some creativity a window sill can be turned into a beautiful relaxing arena or whatever else you make it out to be.

You can construct a boxed in area which serves as a frame beneath a window sill. Add some moulding and paint it in the colour of the theme of the rest of the room. Next place a cushion in the frame – this should sit about 2 or three people. This space can be used as a lovers’ corner, a place for relaxation, reading etc.

The window sill can also be turned into a comfortable sofa-type seat. You can add more value to it by adding utility or storage space underneath. You could have for example, toy chest for children, a shelve of books and magazines, etc. underneath.

At Rosemary’s we delight in transforming your home and office into a haven even with a limited budget. We also offer consultancy and advisory services on all aspects of interior decoration.

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