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Minimalist window coverings are the leading trend these days. Back in the ‘80s, opulent swagged draperies loaded with fringe and tassels and topped with elaborate valances was the trend. As we moved into the ‘90s there was a move away from excess. Minimalist decorating schemes led to innovations like plantation shutters, bamboo blinds, Roman blinds and tab-topped panels in cotton or velvet.

Here are features of modern day window coverings.

Velvet is a classic and would be around for a long time. Velvet is considered by top designers as the best material for drapery.

Floor-length curtains have replaced extra-long fabric puddling on the floor. However, some still prefer their curtains to puddle on the floor just a little.

Sheers in dramatic colours like cocoa and smoke are becoming a common trend just like combining two tones of sheers.

Longer, looser pleats (5 to 6 inches long) are fast replacing shorter, tighter ones which tend to look too formal. So also, double rather than triple pleats are becoming the trend.

Curtains with grommets, a simple treatment, are coming into vogue.

Fun, whimsical patterns are also becoming the trend for draperies. You can have bold zebra stripes or giraffe patterns. Another interesting style is to have single feathers stitched into draperies at random intervals.

Curtain accessories like tie-backs, rods, finials now come in hardwares like wood, metal, glass or ceramic. These accessories are like beautiful jewelries and last longer than fabrics.

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