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Using Texture To Make The Most Of Your Colour Selection

Texture refers to the visual or tactile surface of something which could be a fabric, timber carpet or glass. Every surface has a texture.

It is important to balance colour with texture and pattern to provide a harmonious environment. Combining rough and smooth textures and using these to contrast with each other creates balance.

There are two types of texture – rough and smooth. With the use of texture, we can create quite different effects.

Hard smooth shiny textures are cold to the eye and to the touch while rough thick surfaces have a warm look and touch.

Rough textures include; brick, timber, wicker work, carpets, coir and sisal, suede, linen, furs – these elements create a rustic natural homely feeling.

Smooth textures include glass (not patterned) chrome, plastic, lacquer paint finish, Vinyl upholstery, High Gloss paint finish, chintz fabric – these elements suggest a harder crisper formality to a room. They can be combined with soft surfaces like carpet on the stair treads and a floral display, balancing the space.

Comfort can be created by carefully choosing some soft textures, using soft fabrics like velvet or cotton on sofas, rugs over hard flooring. You can also enhance comfort by scattering cushions and throws over chairs.

Using a combination of hard and soft accessories creates balance. A stone sculpture can be complemented with a green leafy fern beside it. A cane coffee table can go with a glass vase of fresh flowers, or an antique copper etching over a brick fireplace.

You have to take into consideration the absorption or reflection of light on texture.

Smooth textured surfaces reflect light while rough textured surfaces absorb it. Direct and bright light will flatten out texture and cast little shadow, losing the surface definition. A more indirect lighting scheme will emphasize even subtle textures, and is far more effective.

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