Small spaces could sometimes be challenging to live in. However interior designers have solutions to help maximise small spaces. Below are tips that help you make small spaces seem larger.

You can visually enlarge floor space with wall-to-wall carpeting instead of using several area rugs.

Use storage units. You can use coffee or end tables with storage beneath, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and armories to keep linens, entertainment units and other items.

Create a seamless flow by covering furniture and walls in a single, unifying colour or pattern. The rhythm can make a space look larger.

Use a spacious two-seater sofa instead of a three-seater. This gives you ample space to put an end table, besides guests rarely occupy all three seats.

Use wall-to-wall mirror because they help to amplify small spaces.

Avoid blocking off open spaces. Use furniture with open legs rather than closed legs; instead of chests of drawers use console tables because they have more space.

You can use a low bookcase as a room divider between the living and dining areas; a glass coffee table allows the eye to travel unimpeded through the space.

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