The porch, also known as veranda is an external part of the building partly enclosed by latticework, broad windows, or other light frame walls extending from the main structure. The porch can be used for relaxation, informal meetings, light meals etc.

Here are a few tips to help you in beautifying your porch.

Use plants.
Natural plants will help freshen up your porch. You can place a pair of urns, stagger pots etc. on your either sides of your steps.

Remove recycling.
It is very easy to drop items for recycling on the porch, before you know it, this becomes a pile. Remove such items from the porch, keep them instead in the garage or basement.

Paint the door.
You do not have to stick to the default colour brought by the manufacturer of your door. Give your door some burst of life by painting in bright or bold colour. Wine is a classic colour that will attract attention, while black is sophisticated and high-end.

Use Trendy Hardware.
Use modern hardware for your porch. Use a mailbox or slot, doorbell or knocker, kick plate and lock set from the same collection. Your house numbers should also be in a matching finish.

Instead of old worn out lights, use energy-saving, long-lasting, low-wattage compact fluorescent bulbs.

Add a seat.
Add a bench, chairs, café table or porch; this creates a welcoming ambience, not just for your home, but your street as well.

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