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The living room is where the family meets, bonds, share, talk together and sometimes take meals together. It is also the place where we host guests to a warm reception. It is thus important that the living room is in the right colours.

Colours for living room could be dark or light. Before choosing any of them consider the extent of sunlight exposure to the room. With a lot of sunlight rays in the room, light shades will make the room too bright. Therefore darker shades will be suitable in the instance. On the other hand where the room isn’t exposed to sunlight that much, light shades will be suitable.

Green is a symbol of fruitfulness and it has a relaxing, invigorating effect. You can have thematic features like green plants to enhance this colour scheme. Also, you can blend the green tone with a colour like cream.

A good way to enhance the display of accessories and decorations in the living room is to use neutral colours. Suggested colours include pale chestnut peach, rice flour lavender grey, betrothal fuchsia etc.

Brown is a great colour for a living room. Brown can easily compliment other furniture items and is good for living rooms with wood flooring. Brown can be matched with soft tones like cream, orange.

Blue is also cool for a living room. Blue is refreshing and inspiring. A tone of white can be added to create variety. Blue tones include royal blue, sky blue, etc.

At Rosemary’s we delight in transforming your home and office into a haven even with a limited budget. We also offer consultancy and advisory services on all aspects of interior decoration.

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