The whole essence of making your home family-friendly is carving out areas for children to do the things they enjoy. After all, it is a part of the plan to make the ambiance comfortable for the children instead of relegating them to bedrooms and basements.

Keep furnishings on the spare side while you preserve space for your toddlers to run around.

If your family likes games, set up a game table and chairs in a corner of the family room, or opt for a large coffee table that everyone can gather around on game night.

Float furniture away from the walls to create distinct spaces, and don’t forget to customize each space to your children’s temperaments and interests. Leave an open area for your junior gymnast to practice her cartwheels, a cozy nook for your bookworm to curl up with his favorite book or a centrally located work table for your chatty budding artist.

Keep away sharp, dangerous objects and medicines out of their reach. You should not have match sticks, used cotton boards, stale food, chunky wooden candlesticks, iron picture frames with the glass removed, metal vases and so on around them.

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