Most people would remember no-go areas in their homes while growing up. Mother’s living room; the one with the delicate glass collection arranged on the cocktail table; the white carpet whose pristine pile she lovingly vacuumed into sweeping every week?

However, you do not want your home to look like a day-care center. The solution is a middle ground: a comfortable, attractive and even sophisticated abode that can withstand just about everything kids dish out.

You can incorporate a decorating style that will stand up to sibling food fights, vomiting babies, indoor football matches and incontinent pets. Consider who you live with and decorate accordingly.

Check out the color of the stains on your sofa before choosing a hue for the new one.

Many families hold off on decorating until their children are older, making do with ratty post-dorm furniture for years after its expiration date, because the kids will just destroy anything else. But even the youngest children benefit from living amid beautiful objects; they grow to appreciate and respect them.

You can get kids involved in the decorating process, asking what they’d like to see in a room you’re redecorating or letting them weigh in on a few pre-screened paint colors or fabric samples. A clean-lined but casual and comfortable look is the way to go.

At Rosemary’s we delight in transforming your home and office into a haven even with a limited budget. We also offer consultancy and advisory services on all aspects of interior decoration.

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