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Here are common mistakes to avoid in interior decorating.

  1. Buying area rugs that are too small
    An area rug should allow for a 12 – to 16-inch border of flooring around a room’s perimeter; any rug smaller than that will look too insignificant. The guiding rule is that the front legs of your furniture should sit on the area rug, so the rug doesn’t appear to “float” in the middle of the room.
  2. Having more than one focal point in a room
    Every room needs a focal point but a lot of people choose the wrong items as focal points. In the living room, the focal point is usually the TV, fireplace or outside view -whichever you enjoy most. In the bedroom, the focal point is the headboard; in the bathroom, it’s the vanity area.
  3. The front door
    When people drive by your house, what they usually see first is the front door. Paint the front door in a complimentary colour with the rest of the house; this makes it stand out. You can paint the garage door in a similar colour to that of the rest of the house.
  4. Purchasing furniture before measuring a room
    Many homeowners usually buy items before taking possession of their home. Usually when the furniture arrives, it doesn’t fit into the home- the door is too long or too deep for the room. Rather than making buying decisions before moving in, live in your space for a while, and then start making your furniture choices.
  5. Decorating without a professional
    It is better to get the help of a professional for your interior décor. For a small budget percentage, you can be assured that you’ll have a long lasting project.

At Rosemary’s we delight in transforming your home and office into a haven even with a limited budget. We also offer consultancy and advisory services on all aspects of interior decoration.

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