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De-Cluttering Your Home

Cluttering starts with not letting old and useless articles and items go. Most of these articles are worthless, but some people can’t just let their garbage go. This is how gradually the house becomes cluttered with unused items. Below are some helpful tips on how to de-clutter your home. Change your mind-set – allow old […]

Using Texture To Make The Most Of Your Colour Selection

Texture refers to the visual or tactile surface of something which could be a fabric, timber carpet or glass. Every surface has a texture. It is important to balance colour with texture and pattern to provide a harmonious environment. Combining rough and smooth textures and using these to contrast with each other creates balance. There […]


Small spaces could sometimes be challenging to live in. However interior designers have solutions to help maximise small spaces. Below are tips that help you make small spaces seem larger. You can visually enlarge floor space with wall-to-wall carpeting instead of using several area rugs. Use storage units. You can use coffee or end tables […]