Bedroom design is one of the areas that a decorator or a designer can make an impact or change in a home easily and cheaply. Bedroom design resources include furniture and furnishings and items such as drapery, area rugs, artwork and linen. These items can be easily replaced without having to spend a great deal of money on items such as joinery, plumbing or appliances.

Color, texture and lighting are handy tools. By using paint, wall paper and fabrics, one can easily and without much cost give the bedroom a makeover or refurbishment.

Lighting and cushions are two very easy additional items that allow a room such as a bedroom to be transformed from a mundane functional area to one of fun or luxury.

There are many duvets or bedspreads now available in new colorways and patterns.

Check out the colorfastness of the fabric and its quality. For example, cotton sheets should really have a minimum thread count of 200 and preferably 250 for a quality feel and longevity.

The curtains and drapery are best lined especially if you live in a country with high ultraviolet light from the sun such as New Zealand and others that are close to the thinner areas of the ozone layer near Antarctica. Ultraviolet light (and sunlight in general) tends to washout the color and also rot the fabric. Lining the curtain with a suitable resistant fabric will help protect the fabric and the designer or owner’s investment for many years.

Repainting a room will make all the difference giving it a fresh look with minimum expense but all efforts at redecorating will be in vain if the lighting is not addressed.

Bedrooms are for sleeping and relaxing and even romance. This may be incorrect for children’s rooms where they may play or study. Task lighting will cater for this without having to compromise on a softer general light for the room. Using dimmers and up lights with task lights for reading and especially table lamps to the side of the bed make the room’s light indirect and more conducive to resting and a softer relaxing environment.

At Rosemary’s we delight in transforming your home and office into a haven even with a limited budget. We also offer consultancy and advisory services on all aspects of interior decoration.

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