And the 2020 Colour of the Year is …. Classic Blue!!!

How very fitting! How very apt to start a new decade on the classics and especially with this deep shade of blue that reminds us of the sky and sea at the same time. So very definitive for the new decade.

Now, what does this mean to the world of interiors? How will interior designers interprete and apply Classic Blue in their projects this year?

To answer this, let us take a look at the meaning of the colour blue.

Blue, incidentally a favorite color of mine, is often associated with depth and stabilty. From top (skies) to bottom (seas) two of the very qualities our world needs presently. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, hope, truth and heaven.

Blue is beneficial to the mind and body. It is calming to the point that it has the ability to slow down human metabolism. Interior designers often prefer it in bedrooms and common areas in the home or hotels meant for relaxation. It might show up as furnishing or it might show up in lights and hues.

This year, expect to see blue walls, blue furniture and blue decorative accessories in furnishing projects. Why not? For Blue is also strongly associated with tranquility and serenity.

Largely a masculine color according to studies as it is largely accepted among males (compared to the pinks). However, by virtue of being anointed the 2020 Color of the year, the hue is now both genderless and seasonless, making it both accessible and desirable to people in all walks of life.

Expect to see interesting pairing of colors from interior designers this year. From the contrasting to the blending.

  • Blues and reds
  • Shades of blues and silver
  • Blues and gold or tints from yellow.
  • Blues and caramel
  • I also see Fiery Orange showing up this year too in the pairing scheme.

Creativity will be fierce and limitless among designers as Classic Blue calms us and draws us inwards to peace. Look out for creative definitive spaces from bathrooms to lounges to airports to schools to office and homes.

About Classic Blue, Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute said “it’s a reassuring blue, full of calm and confidence. It builds connection.”

Building connection is very important as we start another decade. It is important to build connections in homes, offices and public places among people who will be living, working, playing and sleeping in these shared spaces. These days people spend a lot of time at work hence the need for connectedness and a friendly color that will be acceptable to many if not all.

The 2020 Color of the year seems especially fitting for this moment in time. It represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. All of which is required to navigate the difference that our accommodating world can be. Take a cue from Classic Blue. This year, think seas and skies, expansion and limitlessness, think peace and restfulness. Welcome to 2020.

Welcome to the year of Classic Blue.

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